Take your time with this questionnaire of 8 questions.

The questions are provided, the prompts to help you answer are also included.

Answer honestly.

Any questions you cannot answer yet, don’t!  

Email me some/all of your answers and we can set up a free live or virtual 30 minute coaching session 

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(1) What do you want to attain by the end of our coaching sessions?  Describe 1 goal.

By the end of our sessions, I want to have/be/stop/start….


 (2)  Is this goal tangible or intangible?


 (3)  Think of a day in the future; describe how your life will look with this goal achieved.  What will the evidence in your life be, that you have achieved this goal?

In the future, my life with this achieved goal in it will be/look like…


 (4) Describe some of your successes.

Some of my successes include….


 (5) Which personal characteristics, abilities, talents…did you need to achieve your successes?

The personal characteristics, abilities, talents…I called upon to achieve my successes are…


 (6) Whom and what is important to you and why?

The people and things that are important to me include…….because…


 (7) What do you struggle most with and why?

I struggle most with…because…


 (8) How happy/content/motivated are you now?

I am…